27 February 2007

What's the best advice . . .?

Who are your mentors, your examples, and what's the best advice you reckon you've ever received?

I remember when I was a new missionary and I was troubled by some things I saw. Writing to Madonna Burget Spratt who was serving on a whole other continent, responded to my letter and gave me great advice. I've passed that advice on to many other missionareis since then.

In a nut shell she told me, whenever you fling mud, you are sure to get some of it on yourself. There's a time to confront a co-worker or point out their flaws publicly, but as a new missionary on the field, you must be especially careful. She also pointed me to the end of John's Gospel where Peter, upon hearing of his own future, asked about John's. Jesus' reply was, " . . .what is that to you? You follow me!"

I remember many times at Mashoko, sitting with David & Eva Grubbs, & a bottle of cold Coke, rehashing the day's events or wondering how things coulda gone differently. So many times Dave would ASK me questions to bring clarity to my thoughts, rather than just point out what I should have done or what I should do next. The examples Dave & Eva set were more valuable than I knew at the time. I use their approach in my discipling today.

And watching Betty Delaney interact with other missionary ladies and families! She was wise and compassionate, never putting on others what did not fit.

Rosella Reeves showed me, and continues to show me, faithfulness & friendship in service.

Frances Johnson demonstrated hard work and intelligence, never settling for what was known but always thinking there was something new to learn.

I quote or refer to all of these mentors (and my dad) regularly!

From my other peers I learned much about prayer, dedication and hard work. I saw them mess up and they saw me fail miserably. Some of them served with the threat of HIV/AIDS in the specimens they handled everyday. Still, they treated individuals with respect & compassion.

What have you learned from a mentor or someone you respect? Let's create our own Faith Hall of Fame!


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