12 November 2006

As you go . . .

I'm enroute to the Nat'l Missionary Convention. I've been on the move for over 36 hours and my body is telling me to stop! I'll have a few days to get over the jet lag before I meet my friends, co-workers and passionate pray-ers in Indy. After this convention is done, I anticipate that this blog will be a place we can continue meeting, no jet lag, reservations or tipping. The only tips will be the sage advice we share with each other! Watch this space for implementation of ideas we discuss at the seminar on 17 Nov in Indy. The blog should take on a whole new look & feel as we hear other voices from other places. I look forward to the conversation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As some of you might know, there was a change in the workshop in Indy. I hope what was shared was helpful.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

I'm not sure how many visitors we are getting. Maybe just you & me! How can we create conversations with others?

1:04 AM  

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